The history of Fita

The history of the Pharmaceutical Company “Fita®” more than 20 years. Since its founding, the company has been developing confidently, constantly developing and bringing to market its drugs, offering doctors and patients quality and effective means.

1991 – creation of the FITA®, Ukraine.

1991-2000 Focus on treating patients with naturopathy. A group of like-minded doctors focused on the treatment and development of unique methods with the help of new phytopreparations. 2000 – registration and start of production of the drug Vitokan®.

2000-2005 – The company actively cooperates with leading clinics, institutes of Ukraine, studying the quality and therapeutic effect of developed drugs. A huge contribution to the research work was made by doctors and scientists of Ukraine, appreciating the company’s products.

2005 – 2006 – development of new products, research work “Exploring the prostate-protective properties of Ambovit®.”

2007 – registration and start production of the Ambovit®.

2009 – “Research of The Vitokan® for the Prevention and Treatment of Mastopathy” has been carried out

2012 – registration of the new drug Normoton®, Immunafita®, Alkovit®, Tribuvit®.

The start of production of drugs Vitokan® and Ambovit® in tablet and capsule form.

The production of Normoton ®.

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